Preface- About the blog


This is a MALAYALAM translation of the human value blog It has value based stories and experiences of children practising these values. In order to make it accessible to malayalam speaking and knowing people, a small attempt has been made to translate the blog. Kindly bear with any errors, grammatical mistakes etc which are purely unintentional. The main purpose is to drive in the values to children from a young age.

Dear Readers, looking forward for all your support and cooperation.

Lets together make a difference and look forward to a happy and peaceful world.

Jyothi Udayshankar

Sorry for the lapse in the postings for about 6 months; we are back again and look forward to your continuous support.

Mrs Shanta Hariharan

From the desk of Nandini Ramesh:

This blog is dedicated for building character and human values in children through various stories and experiences of children practising these values. (“Balsanskaar” is a sanskrit word meaning “instilling values in children”)I offer this as a tribute to my Master and guide Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba and my mother Mrs. Anandi Parameswaran who was an exemplary Balvikas guru and nutured me with the right values. Today I am able to guide some children through the “Premaarpan Value and Prayer class”.

Swami (Sai Baba) says a small plant can be moulded but a tree cannot be. Children have to be directed in the right path by inculcating values in them. Character building is very important. “End of Education is character”. “A person without character is like a house without a lamp”, Swami says.Some of the ways for doing this by teaching children prayers and value based stories.

This is intended to be of use to anyone wanting to practise human values and inculcate these values in children irrespective of caste, creed or religion. This does not promote any religion, God or Guru. The values are universal. Stories are taken from various sources and due credits are given to the source wherever possible. Hoping this to be of value to the next generation at a period when human values are eroding at a rapid pace.

Wishing a beautiful world with loving, caring and peace loving people.

This blog has been published in different languages:

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